Wedding Photography Singapore_Nigel & Melody

Wedding Photography Singapore

There are only a few ways to say you love her, but so many ways to show her

Wedding Photography Singapore_Hiro & Thao

Actual Day Wedding Photography Singapore

Take her hand and lead her to a dance

Wedding Photography Singapore_Sikh Wedding Singapore

Punjabi Wedding Singapore

Take her name and sing it with heart

Pre Wedding Photography Singapore_Aara & Divya

Pre Wedding Photography Singapore

Take this day and give her the rest of yours

Indian Wedding Photography Singapore_V&G

Indian Wedding Photography Singapore

Indian Wedding Photography Singapore

Indian Pre Wedding Singapore

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Come on an adventure with us!

The Wanderland Lovers Team invites you on a journey of discovery and love.

Dear friend,

No matter where you are or what the occasion is, we aim to frame your milestones and intimate moments with a heavy dose of culture.

Seeking to delve deeply into each moment and to capture its purest essence, we put our utmost best into each and every shoot with you. Every click of the shutter serves to enfold only the rawest interpretation of your relationship.

Wherever our feet take us, every shot and frame is taken with pride and absolute craftsmanship, because that is what you deserve.

With love

The Wanderland Lovers Team


Actual day wedding photography price

Jed & Amber

destination pre wedding photography & videography

We're pretty awkward ducklings infront of cameras and doesn't know how to pose. But both Ben and Esther gave us clear directions and ideas on how to pose etc. We felt very comfortable filming / shooting with them. Esther will ask us questions like "how we first met" to get us comfortable and talking to each other while she starts snapping away. Ben will guide us to pose while he starts filming away. We LOVE the end products, the video felt like we're movie stars, we look so good in them!! The music, video transitions all come together so well. We love the edits for the photography, the photos captured our emotions and we look very good in them too Overall we are very happy with the end products! Thank you Esther and Ben for the opportunity

Wedding Photography Singapore

Santhiya & Rudh

PRe Wedding & Temple Wedding Photography

Esther worked with us for our Pre Wedding, temple and banquet wedding and the photos were so beautifully taken! All of our family and friends loved it and we really loved the edits done by Esther as well! Esther was very patient with us throughout the entire process! She was so interactive and willing to find unique spots for our Pre Wedding shoot and even stayed with us after our banquet to take extra photos. We would highly recommend Esther & Wanderland Lovers to any couples to be!

Indian Wedding Photography Singapore

Ranjit & Guurpreet

Pre Wedding & wedding Day Photography

We loved Esther's creativity in her photography. Photography is not mainstream as compared to other photography's work that we have seen. She always ensures her client is kept comfortable the whole time while experimenting with different poses and angles. Also we love how she asks questions on the spot which evokes our true emotions instead of getting us to prepare the answers beforehand.

Certainly, we're very happy with Esther's services and we definitely recommend her services to other couples.

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