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Dear friend,

No matter where you are or what the occasion is, we aim to frame your milestones and intimate moments with a heavy dose of culture.

Seeking to delve deeply into each moment and to capture its purest essence, we put our utmost best into each and every shoot with you. Every click of the shutter serves to enfold only the rawest interpretation of your relationship.

Wherever our feet take us, every shot and frame is taken with pride and absolute craftsmanship, because that is what you deserve.

With love

The Wanderland Lovers Team

Come on an adventure with us!

The Wanderland Lovers Team invites you on a journey of discovery and love.

Meet the team

We’re both dreamers with a very clear vision about our creative work.



"I took a leap of faith when I did my first wedding in 2013. Since then, almost a decade and over a hundred weddings later, it continues to be a unique, refreshing experience each time.

In this time I have covered Chinese, Malay and Indian weddings of all styles, colours, and hues. Be it Christian, Hindu, Non-religious —

I have seen couples walk aisles and miles.

I fell in love with Indian weddings early on when I covered a Punjabi wedding. It was the epitome of wedding photography in the plethora of ceremonies, emotions, and passion.

The unique perspective I bring to the couples and families I work with come from my curiosity and an invested interest in their stories. I stay away from the traditional poses and roses, and instead, try to bring their story to life through their own eyes.

My lens is subjective, because I truly believe that no two weddings are the same. Just the way no two love stories are the same"



Hi I’m Armond. I have always been inspired by people and emotive voices. My style is simplicity and sometimes in a breathable amount of space, at times unconventional, very much follow the energy of my clients: naturally to a photojournalism in fine art and a recall of my childhood. I’ve spent 10 years of nurturing and shadowing couple’s life story. Unfiltered way of shooting.

I’m a husband, very much in love like how I love shooting couples who are also in love with one another. Like every celebration, my eyes senses beautiful connection with family and friends. And my hope is that I’ll get a few shots of them that they will cherish alongside you too. My ultimate goal is to create relationship, making photos came to life, Make great art.

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