Punjabi Weddings: The Epitome of Wedding Photography

It’s loud. It’s colourful. It’s intricate. It’s everything I thought it would be – it’s a Punjabi wedding.

As a Wedding Photographer, it’s an absolute delight for me to shoot Punjabi weddings. The inherently vibrant nature of their ceremonies – from music to dance to food and the people themselves – make it so easy to create dynamic films. The sheer range of emotions in the room allows me to journey through the highs and lows with the bridegroom and their family, and helps me create films with seamless storytelling.

Till date I’ve covered 6 Punjabi weddings, and each one has been a great experience. From the unparalleled hospitality of family members to the delicious Indian food they’ve shared with me, I’ve always loved the welcoming atmosphere. Not only are the families so united amongst themselves, but they also extend their warmth to myself and others alike, making my job much more enjoyable.

Not to play on any stereotypes, but in all honesty, Bollywood music really is a huge part of Indian weddings.

In February 2018, I had the pleasure of shooting a full lip-dub video for Sanjeet & Vaish wedding, featuring their entire families, from their youngest nieces and nephews to their grandparents. Their families were extremely cooperative and lively, and did much justice to a hit Bollywood track, Gallan Goodiyaan

This was the first time I had done anything like this, and I can say with much confidence that it won’t be my last. This is one Bollywood trend that I definitely want to be a part of.

While I really do enjoy shooting Punjabi weddings and am looking to do more in the future, it isn’t all fun and games. Like the actual wedding itself, filming requires a lot of planning, stamina and long hours. But more often than not, the energy I get from the wedding functions themselves is enough to carry me through my sleepless nights of editing. And of course, a stomach full of butter chicken.

Punjabi weddings can get very complex, and as a photographer/videographer, it’s vital to understand the meanings and high points of each ceremony, so that no special moment is missed out.

In the mehndi function, all focus is on the bride and her pre-wedding glow.

At the sangeet party, you want to make sure to capture not just the beautiful bridegroom, but also the energetic dance performances put on by their loved ones.

When you’re in the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) for the actual wedding ceremony, there are certain decorum that you have to maintain, all the while vying to get the best shots of the happy couple and their loved ones.

Admittedly, when I shot my first Punjabi wedding, I was a little confused about what was happening in the Gurudwara during the Anand Karaj (Sikh wedding ceremony). However I was lucky enough to be guided by (some family member lol ie bride’s sister); and today, I am glad to say that my experience has rendered me well-versed with different wedding functions.

I’ve had lovely experiences thus far covering Punjabi weddings and capturing special moments for the bridegroom and their families. It’s something I am definitely looking to do more of, so if you know of any happy couple that’s getting married soon – you know where to find me


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