The Best Time of Day For Your Pre wedding Photoshoot?

What sets pre wedding shoots apart is that it is not just capturing your wedding rituals and celebrations, it is the telling of your love story. Unique couples have unique stories to tell. When you sit with your mood board, carefully curating your outfit, settings, location, and lighting – a big question appears. What time of day would do justice to your fairy tale?

The good news is that through years of trial and error, working with so many couples and so many stories, we have the answer!

Imagine the warm hue of the golden sky falling gently on your hair, a pleasant temperature that doesn’t make you sweat, and the direction of the sun doesn’t leave shadows behind. That, right there, is the golden hour – 60 minutes before sunset.

Pre wedding shoots in the golden hour create photographs that ooze cosy glamour and an effortless charm. No matter if you are wearing white or your traditional wedding outfit.

There is magic in this light!


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