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Overseas Pre Wedding Photography Singapore
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Pre Wedding Photography Singapore

We fly overseas too! Our overseas pre wedding rates starts from $1500 per day. If you're looking to go an adventure, drop us a message to find out more!

Every wedding deserves to look unique.

More than that, every bride and groom deserve to have unique memories of their special day.

"Fiancé" has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Your Couple Session is the time to celebrate your journey from the day you two met, to the day you decided to put a ring on it!

Enjoy $500 off your total package

enjoy $500 off your total package when you sign up with us for AD Photography & Videography (8 hours or more)

Your big day drawing close?

In the maze of all the emotions that leap up, anxiety about perfectly your capturing your wedding shouldn't be one of them. That is what we're here for.

So let's begin this journey leading up to your big day. Be it pre-wedding shoots or wedding magic that you want to capture, we will create everlasting memories out of the chaos that surrounds you right now.

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What will your wedding album say?

Will it tell the story of the time when the searching girl met the destined boy? Will it tell of the dreams you dreamt together? Will it mention how nervously you were on the first date, how brave you were after the third one?

Its your story. Be sure to tell it perfectly. How, you may be wondering?

Well, stop. Don't wonder, just wander in to Wanderland Lovers and be in the company of storytellers you can trust. We are the wedding photographers and videographers who will become your friends.

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